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The Winch, Bumper, and Rock Sliders

It turned out to be pretty difficult to settle on which front bumper, rock sliders, and winch I wanted to install on the Jeep. It literally took a few months and I must have "decided" and changed my mind 10 times. Ultimately I settled on LOD for both the front bumper and rock sliders, and a pretty basic but highly rated winch from Quadratec. I liked LOD because they're a small business, they fabricate their equipment here in the US, and the rock sliders were frame mounted as opposed to body bolt-mounted. It also helped that LOD offers a rear bumper with spare tire mount, which might be something I do in the future to be able to carry fuel and cargo on the rear bumper. The 10,000 lb Quadratec winch I chose seemed up to the task of occasional use while being reasonably priced for a synthetic winch line unit. It is wireless and has a wired backup. The only downside of these modifications, so far at least, is weight. I lost 1/2" to 3/4" of clearance from the added weight. I'll need to consider this added weight if I ever go to install a taller lift kit.

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