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The Rear Bumper

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

I've been trying to take on one major project on the Jeep per year, and this year is the year of the rear bumper. I have been happy with the products I've purchased from LOD Offroad, so they were the natural first place to look at when it came to choosing from the myriad of bumpers available. I went with the LoD Offroad Destroyer Series Full-Width Rear Bumper w/ Tire Carrier. I wanted a bumper that took the spare tire weight off the tailgate and had a strong enough swing arm and bracketry to support fuel and equipment in the future. LOD's bumper does all this, and they have plenty of aftermarket brackets for fuel and tools. One thing that surprised me about the bumper is how HEAVY it actually is. I'll need to consider installing and using helper airbags if I am going to load up the Jeep with food, fuel, tools, and living supplies before heading out on an overlanding trip.

The bumper was installed back in January but I didn't get around to taking pictures until early summer. Here are some shots of the bumper:

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