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The Lift Kit (Part 2)

We have an important trip coming up where we're meeting my Uncle Mark and Aunt Mary in Ouray, CO to take some well-known Jeep roads, possibly do a little hiking, and see a few of the sights of southwestern Colorado. I've been kicking around the idea of a little more lift ever since the front bumper and winch basically squatted the suspension enough to eliminate the effect of my original spacer lift. I ended up going with a basic Quadratec 2.5" lift and so far I am mostly happy with it. I am about 1.5" higher than I was before the lift. The only concern I have is one of the front shocks was soaked in oil when it arrived and then splattered all over my wheel well on the first test drive. I am watching it closely now, to see if there's a continuous leak or if some oil just made it's way out of the shock during shipping. In addition to a little more ground clearance, I am also now set up for 35" tires when the current set is due for replacement. Maybe this fall?

What did I learn?

Working on the Jeep's suspension and axles is pretty straightforward, but it would be ALOT easier with a lift. Making multiple lifts to get the Jeep sitting on barely tall enough jack stands is one of the more time consuming parts of installing a lift in your garage.

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