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The First Modification

If you've read my prior posts, you'll know I am not fond of all the accessories and modifications Jeep owners do. Some of them simply seem pointless, others are useful but never used, and many seem like evidence of someone's inability to page through an online accessory website without making a purchase. For me, when I settled on the model I purchased the least exciting part was the wheels and tires. The tires wouldn't hold up to rough rocky roads and I'll never know or understand why Jeep calls the silver wheels an "upgrade". So I bought some Rubicon takeoffs. If you don't know, the Rubicon trim package is one of Jeep's high-end packages which includes many nice features, including a little bit larger tire with a true all terrain tread. So I upgraded! The tires are great, the wheels fit the Jeep's look nicely, and they came with TPMS sensors. A Rubicon owner might not be fond of someone like me putting Rubicon wheels on my Sport, but I think it looks good! The wheel wells look pretty full with these almost 33" tires - so maybe I'll put a small lift on the vehicle down the road. What was that I said about modifications?

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