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Summer of 2021 Update

The Jeep has been busy this summer, but mostly around town and showing visitors some the forest roads in the Lake Tahoe basin. We've been up to Genoa Peak twice, down Kings Canyon Road to the rockslide section twice, up above Kings Beach on the forest roads twice, and up Ash Canyon Road twice. I've been out with Bri, my sister's friend DeeDee, my mom and nephew Lincoln, my dad, and my sister Kari. DeeDee, Lincoln (who is only 13), and Kari all drove some of the routes. It was fun to be passenger! For DeeDee, riding up to Genoa Peak reminded her of when she was young and driving around the farm with her grandpa in North Carolina. For Lincoln it was one of the first times behind the wheel of a vehicle, and he did a great job following instructions and taking the task seriously. Kari hadn't driven roads like Genoa Peak Road so it was a good change of pace for her.

In addition to some of the fun rounds around the lake, we had the top and doors off for over a month. When my Mom and Dad visited in late July they helped me remove the top and find a way to hang it from the ceiling in the garage. They were a huge help! The open-air feeling you get with no doors or top is awesome, and a great way to see Lake Tahoe. Kari and I drove all the way around the lake on a day in early August, which was perfect. Bri and I have decided that Carson City is about the farthest we'd want to go with the top and doors off, because of the wind and highway noise over 50mph. Bri even suggested we develop a code system for how far we're going and how windy and chilly traveling will be. For me, I learned about cleaning the Jeep after driving a dusty road with the top off. I cleaned it once after my mom's and Lincoln's trip down Kings Canyon Road, and once after riding up Genoa Peak with Kari. The time it took to clean up was well worth those fun trips!

What did I learn?

The perspective from the passenger seat is great, especially on a route I've driven before. I notice so much more about the terrain and geography we're passing through since my attention isn't mostly committed to staying on the road. I look forward to letting more visitors drive in the future, and seeing the sights while they're enjoying the drive behind the wheel.

Lincoln climbed right up on top, something about the fenders and flat top must have been calling his name.

Out with my mom and Lincoln on Kings Canyon Road.

Somebody having fun behind the wheel in the sandy 4x4 playground near Spooner Summit.

The rocks that put an end to our trip down Kings Canyon Road. My mom was not interested in figuring out how to crawl over the rocks despite Bri and I having made it over late last year.

Kari on one of her first nights in town during her August visit, up on on Ash Canyon Road.

Jeeping through the forest roads north of Kings Beach, near Martis Peak.

Making our way from Genoa Peak to Kingsbury Grade.

Kari driving over the whoops on Genoa Peak Road.

The Jeep's typical look for a good part of July and August.

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1 Comment

Pam Settergren Hauer
Pam Settergren Hauer
Sep 19, 2021

Looks like all of your guests had some fun in your jeep!

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