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So why the Jeep?

We've lived in the Sierra for over 7 years now and during that time we've explored countless areas in the pursuit of hiking, biking, sightseeing, and even some camping. Those travels have taken us down highways, forest roads, and OHV routes - some more rough than others. When I started thinking about another vehicle, one that was smaller and overall less substantial than my current daily driver, I decided to look for something "fun". I've always been a Ford Mustang guy and would love cruising the curvy mountain roads in something sporty but we have winter, real winters. That means a Mustang would be useless for several months a year. So I kept thinking and decided that ground clearance and four-wheel drive were required. I've noticed Jeeps over the years, but was always turned off by the number of pointless accessories that hang off so many of them. Even so, the ability to take the top of a Jeep during good weather kept them on the shortlist. We have lengthy stretches of sunny and dry weather in the summer, so the thought of taking the top off for a couple weeks at a time was very enticing. So the decision was made. A 2 Door Jeep Wrangler would by the vehicle.

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