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Risue Road from Topaz, CA to Desert Creek to NV HWY 338 & Burcham Flat Road

A lot of the forest road and BLM road routes that I travel are the result of looking at GAIA GPS and simply being curious about an area. Risue Road and Burcham Flat Road are two examples of this. They're lightly trafficked remote dirt roads. It's hard to know if I'll come across impassable sections, gates that are closed, private property that prevents passage, or other unexpected conditions like high elevation snow, mud, etc. These roads weren't challenging from a Jeep perspective, but the views were good and I marked off another area to explore. Since these roads aren't all that exciting, I save some of them for when Bri isn't along. For this outing, she was in Wisconsin visiting family.

What did I learn?

Two things. One, if you've ever wondered if there are any real cowboys working cattle herds, there absolutely are. Shortly after leaving US 395 near Topaz, CA, I came across two guys headed out into some grazing land. They looked like characters from the John Wayne movie "The Cowboys". Hat, worn shirts, chaps, horses, spurs, everything. I would have taken I picture but that would have been over the line. Two, identifying animal tracks is not easy. I think I captured a shot of a Mountain Lion track, but if someone more experienced in tracking animals told me it was a bobcat, or even a Coyote, I wouldn't argue.

In cattle country, near Topaz, CA. This is very near where I came across the cowboys headed out to check on their herd. Sadly, there was a very obvious dead cow a short distance from the road. Since it's fall calf season, I couldn't help but wonder if the cow's death resulted from complications with a calf. But there's predators in the area too.

Looking southwest as I worked my way to Risue Road from US 395. It was about here where I entered BLM land.

With so many miles of fence across the country, I am always amused by fences that are essentially sticks with t-posts occasionally.

I didn't really expect street signs in the middle of nowhere, but everything helps.

I left the main road for a little bit to check out an old mining structure. As I walked around the site I noticed what seemed to be deer tracks, possibly being followed by a Mountain Lion.

When I got to Desert Creek, an area Bri and I travelled through earlier this year, I couldn't help but want to drive down Desert Creek Road a little, to check out the fall colors.

The last stop on Risue Road, before connecting with NV 338.

Well, at least they warn you...

Some views from Burcham Flat Road as I worked my way north from the Sonora Junction area.

Couldn't pass up taking a picture with the Jeep next to a tree that's nearly as wide as it.

Looking down at US 395 along the West Walker River, near Walker, CA. Bri and I have spent time along the West Walker. The flow is strongest in spring from snowmelt coming out of the Sierra, and the river is much prettier up close than from this view.

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Pam Settergren Hauer
Pam Settergren Hauer
20 nov 2021

I love the pictures with the mountains in the background.

Mi piace
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