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Buckeye Hot Springs, Kavanaugh Ridge (attempt), and Hawthorne-Fletcher Road and Lucky Boy Road

I wanted to keep my dad busy and see as many areas as we could while he visited. So, we took off on Saturday and headed south of the lake to the Bridgeport area. I always enjoy travelling through cattle ranching country, and there were a few roads Bri and I hadn't gotten to in that area that I have been meaning to see. Plus, any drive down 395 is usually enjoyable! Since it's not summer, we headed into the desert on the way home, and went through Hawthorne, a quirky place that I like to see from time-to-time.

What did I learn?

Mines mean better roads. While that's obvious once stated, the highest quality and best-maintained roads between Bridgeport and Hawthorne were the sections of road closest to the mine entrances. It's clear they contribute to road maintenance, or do it themselves.

From Buckeye Road, looking southeast.

Buckeye Road connects to Twin Lakes Road, near the Twin Lakes themselves. My dad and I made our way up to the lakes and took some shots near Annett's Mono Village, the resort along the west shore of the lake. The village is closed this time of year.

Kind of a do-it-all place in Bridgeport where we stopped for lunch. Not as exciting as Mountain View BBQ, but pretty darn good anyway.

Travelling Green Creek Road toward the Dunderberg Meadow area.

Making our way toward Kavanaugh Ridge. This section of road was cut off by a downed tree a few years ago when we took the Land Cruiser through this area. The tree has been moved and is rotting away along the trailed, and I am glad we had the smaller more agile Jeep for when this road got rockier and the branches closer to the road.

Coincidentally, we saw a hawk with a squirrel in its talons on yesterday's outing near Poker Flat, and today's over 100 miles to the south. Weird coincidence, but my guess is the trees recently having lost the leaves left a few unsuspecting squirrels without the cover they had over the summer.

It seems every time I try to make my way up Kavanaugh Road, it's either too early or too late in the season. Bri and I ran into snow climbing this route in the early summer once, and my Dad and I came across impassable snow in November. Maybe someday I'll try the route in August?

Some interesting desert-scape along Hawthorne-Fletcher road. Fletcher wasn't much of a town, but if you can appreciate desert, the route was interesting.

From Lucky Boy Mine area, looking back at the road we just traveled across.

Hawthorne, NV is home to a large ammunition storage facility. As we worked out way down into the valley we could see the military's facility sprawling out below us. The whole town resolves around the military base in Hawthorne, which is massive!

Walker Lake, if you're interest in learning more, check out There are a few well-known desert lakes in the region, which might surprise someone not from the area. This was our best chance to see desert bighorn sheep, but no luck today.

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1 Comment

Pam Settergren Hauer
Pam Settergren Hauer
Nov 20, 2021

Loved this! We are going to stay near Bridgeport on our way out of Yosemite! I bet your dad enjoyed his time with you.

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