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And then there were two!

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

When I started talking with Bri about a Jeep back on late 2020, she wasn't thrilled with the idea of an SUV-like vehicle because we already had the Land Cruiser. We eventually went for the black 2 Door that appears in most of my blogs, and both Bri and I have loved driving that Jeep ever since. In fact, we drove the Jeep so often that we no longer needed Bri's 2013 Subaru Impreza. So, we found a good home for "Scooby" the Impreza and ordered Bri's replacement - another Jeep! Deciding between 2 Door vs. 4 Door and a few other options took some time. Bri ended up with a 2023 Wrangler Unlimited Willys. We call him "Barney-Bruce". Bri originally wanted the blue color but when we ordered the Jeep blue wasn't available. She settled on Sarge Green as a throwback to her grandpa who drove Jeeps around back in WWII. Barney is a good name for a Sarge Green-colored Jeep, and the Bruce part, well, IYKYK (Bruce Willys). We ended up buying the vehicle through a dealership in Idaho. Once it came in and was ready for us we drove a rental car up to Boise, ID on a Friday evening and returned the next day with Bri's new ride. Bri's looking forward to having her own Jeep, though our 2 Door will still be the star of most of my future blogs.

We bought the Jeep through Peterson Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Nampa, ID. The buying experience there was easily the best we've ever hard. Brianna is ready to go!

We took the long way home, by heading west from Nampa, ID toward Burns, OR...along the Oregon Trail route.

Cattle was the name of the game as we made our way from Nampa, ID to Burns, OR and then south toward Winnemucca, NV. This herd was 20ish miles south of Burns, and we got to see a newborn calf that momma had just finished cleaning up.

Heading west on I80 from Winnemucca. Northern Nevada isn't for everyone, but it grows on you if you let it. Seeing it at different times of year, and at different times a day, reveals different sides of the sagebrush desert. Embrace it.

We got home after dark so the first picture from our driveway was actually on Sunday afternoon. The Jeep was still pretty clean considering we travelled over 600 miles home in the middle of February.

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